Norton Floor Sanding Roll



Grid 24
Grid 36
Grid 40 (Grid 24 to Grid 40 for rough sanding)
Grid 80
Grid 100
Grid 120 (Grid 80 to Grid 120 for fine sanding)

With more than a century of experience with modern materials, NORTON remains the leading producer of grinding wheels and abrasive products. The sanding of new wood floors and to an even larger extent the renovation of old floors, require the use of high quality abrasive products. NORTON, the world leader in abrasives, brings to floor specialists a very wide range of products, well suited to the various machine types, floors and finish requirements.
Product Composition Applications Grit Sizes
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Very strong paper-cloth combination backing
  • Very open grain coating
  • Black colour
Scoring of waxed floors with very coarse grits P16-P30
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Strong, E weight heavy paper backing
  • Closed grain coating
  • Black colour
Rough & Medium sanding P36-P120

On drum machines, we recommend to decrease the tension of the abrasive when sanding with fine grits (P60 and finer). The rubber drum will thus act softer and produce a better finish.

The abrasive should be replaced as soon as its cutting action decreases. This will ensure a smooth and constant surface finish.

Carefully select the grit size according to the amount of repair needed on the floor. Grits which are too coarse may cause more damage and result in the work taking longer to complete, whereas grits which are too fine will not remove material as quickly therefore causing delay where the surface requires a large amount of work.

Do not, as a rule, make successive passes with abrasives more than 2 grit sizes apart. It is preferable to make the last sanding pass with a disc machine. According to the type of wood, use grit sizes P80 - P100 or P120.

Before each pass, carefully sweep the floor, so that the abrasive will not be damaged by wood and abrasive swarf left on the surface.

The final sanding passes must be make along the grain direction and towards the light. Changes in sanding direction should be made preferably on less areas.