All About Teak Flooring

Why Solid Teak Flooring?
Because Teak has natural resistance against insects, fungus and termite. When installed, Teak Flooring gives you the solid underfoot feeling. Which is also resistant to temperature fluctuations and very easy to maintain. Teak Flooring is so versatile that it goes well with any design and furnishing you have. It is also very reasonably priced.

Wavy grain, color differ from light to dark brown some with knot is this real Teak, shouldn't the color & grain look all the same?
Yes that's "Teak" like Humans we have different skin color, height & weight. Teak has it own characteristics too. Depending on where it grows, how mature the Teak Tree is, how is the tree being processed and many other factors. Which is why your Solid Teak flooring is so unique. Cause no one else has the same Solid Teak flooring exactly like yours even if the Teak flooring are of the same sizes and from the same tree.

Where can the Solid Teak flooring be install?
Residential floor for example HDB flats, Private Housing, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings and even on leisure Yacht.

What maintenances do I need for Teak flooring?
Like other flooring, swept the floor often, get rid of grit and dust to prevent scratches. Make sure the mop is damp and not dripping wet before mopping to prevent water seepage. Remember not to drag heavy object on the floor when moving it. If possible place felt pads on furniture legs. Clean up stains and food spills immediately with a slightly damp cloth. If you follow the above rules closely. You can be sure that your Teak flooring will serve you and your family for many generation.

Wear and dull wood flooring surface after many years, what shall I do?
Simply appoint a qualified installer to rejuvenate the flooring surface and the flooring is brand new again. Click here for free recommendation of qualified installer.